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We understand that it is very difficult to obtain Business Visa / Professional Visa in Malaysia.

But now we have a solution for you!

Starting a company in the state of Labuan can help you to get a 2 years Business Visa (multiple entry). Labuan Business Visa can be continuously renewable every 2 years. Hence, you do not have to worry about living in Malaysia!

With this Labuan Business Visa, you can also incorporate your spouse and children aged 21 and below as dependents.

Once Labuan Business Visa is obtained, you can freely travel around in Malaysia, and at the same time operate your business anywhere in Malaysia, EXCEPT the state of Sabah and Sarawak.


WHY Incorporating A Labuan Company?


Ø  100% foreign owned, does not require a local Malaysian as partner

Ø  Low tax – 3% or a maximum of USD 7,000 per year

Ø  For investment holding company, no tax and no audit required

Ø  Company Registration and Visa application can be done without physical requirement of client

Ø  Low set-up fee (no physical office required) and no paid up capital

Ø  Flexibility to operate with Ringgit and foreign currencies bank accounts

Ø  Unlimited property purchase in Malaysia

Ø  No personal tax for non-Malaysian citizen directors

Ø  Dependents : Spouse and children below aged 21 can be included for the 2 years multiple entry visa

Ø  Visa can be extended to include parents aged 60 and above

Ø  You can stay anywhere in Labuan and West Malaysia

Ø  Fast approval – often within 60 days!


Procedure (How to apply)

Step 1 – Pre application

1.    Photocopy of full set passport (min. validity 2 years)

2.    Six (6) coloured passport size photographs

3.    A copy of Resume/CV by the main applicant which include the following information;

       a.    Academic qualification

       b.    Working experiences

       c.    Skills or expertise acquired

4.    Education certificate (min. bachelor degree in any field)

5.    2 Reference Letters from Professionals (Lawyer, Auditor, Accountant, Banker)

6.   1 Document to prove residential address in country of origin  (Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Driving License)

7.      Business Plan


Step 2 – Incorporation of Company & Business Visa Application

1.    Does not require physical present in Malaysia

2.    Incorporation of company takes 5 – 7 days.   

3.    Visa application takes 30 - 45 days  


Step 3 – Endorsement of Business Visa

1.    Fly to Labuan for Immigration visa endorsement


2.    Opening of bank accounts for company

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