Why Incorporate A Labuan Company

WHY Incorporating A Labuan Company?


Ø  100% foreign owned, does not require a local Malaysian as partner

Ø  Low tax – 3% or a maximum of USD 7,000 per year

Ø  For investment holding company, no tax and no audit required

Ø  Company Registration and Visa application can be done without physical requirement of client

Ø  Low set-up fee (no physical office required) and no paid up capital

Ø  Flexibility to operate with Ringgit and foreign currencies bank accounts

Ø  Unlimited property purchase in Malaysia

Ø  No personal tax for non-Malaysian citizen directors

Ø  Dependents : Spouse and children below aged 21 can be included for the 2 years multiple entry visa

Ø  Visa can be extended to include parents aged 60 and above

Ø  You can stay anywhere in Labuan and West Malaysia

Ø  Fast approval – often within 60 days!

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